Length: 4 weeks Effort: 3-5 hours/week Price: FREE Add a Verified Certificate for $90 Institution: Microsoft Subject: Computer Science Level: Introductory Languages: English Video Transcripts: English Share this course with a friend Share this course on facebook Share this course on twitter Share this course on linkedin Share this course on google plus Share this course via email Prerequisites This course consists of four modules that provide an introduction to the C++ programming language. As a result, there are no prerequisites for this course. However, it is recommended that students have some understanding of basic computer operation, the ability to install applications, and the ability work within a command line on their chosen operating system. About this course C++ is a general purpose programming language that supports various computer programming models such as object-oriented programming and generic programming. It was created by Bjarne Stroustrup and, “Its main purpose was to make writing good programs easier and more pleasant for the individual programmer.”*

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